Origin Story 

Brothers Sunay and Abhay Patel, enjoying 18 rounds of golf under the blazing Dallas sun...

Saw in the distance the Beer Cart Girl. Waving her attention, they signaled they were in need of a Cold One. But like a modern day Siren, she served them a beer which was not perfectly ice cold. In fact it was warm! Shocked and repulsed, they vowed to mechanize a process of ‘spinning beer’ in ice, a practice commonly done by hand in the South. The journey to bring Ice Jack™ to the world had begun…

Core Team

The team behind Ice Jack™  is a link between two brothers in New Orleans and two good friends in Los Angeles.

Sunay & Abhay Patel:  first generation Indian Americans, business owners in New Orleans, the Patel brothers are devout sports fans and connoisseurs of cold beer.

Adam Mefford & David Goetz:  alumni of Art Center College of Design, working in freelance industrial design and marketing, rooted in the ever-changing east side of downtown Los Angeles.

As the project has grown we’ve incorporated talent from many walks of life, celebrating how self-made opportunity is what makes America special.